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ATP Defense

Connector and accessory products conforming to the standards specified below are produced with the AS9100 Aerospace and Defense (AS&D) industry quality management system;

  • MIL-C 5015, VG95234 Reverse Bayonet Power and Signal Connector,
  • VG96929  with  EMI / RFI High Current Connectors,
  • AS85049   EMI/RFI  Backshells
  • MS25042, MS25043, D38999/32, D38999/33, VG95234KA, VG95234KC  Protection Covers

We are producing the special products in accordance with the standards MIL-STD 810,MIL-STD 461, EIA 364.26, EIA 364.06, EIA 364.21, EIA 364.29 in line with customer needs.


Our Mission

Designing and manufacturing of electrical, electronic and mechanical systems and subsystems which are in need of defence and aviation industry.

Our Quality Policy

● To meet the needs and expectations of the customer in all processes,

● Investing in our most valuable resource, our human resource,

● To comply with the relevant legal regulations in all areas in which we operate,

● To continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes,

● To make the principle of continuous arrival and error prevention the focus of all our work,

● To increase the satisfaction and belonging of the employees by ensuring the participation and awareness of the employees,

● To increase our competitiveness by ensuring the effective use of resources,

● To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by establishing quality, reliable, flexible, fast and solution partnership-based relationships with our customers.


     Our Ethical Principles

● ATP DEFENSE employees do not use ATP DEFENSE assets for personal gain or for the benefit of anyone inside or outside the company.

● ATP DEFENSE employees keep the information and ATP DEFENSE assets that they have due to their duties in the company, in order not to use them for their personal purposes or for the personal interests of another person, other than ATP DEFENSE services.

● Protects the goods belonging to ATP DEFENSE, ATP DEFENSE's customers and suppliers. ATP DEFENSE employees protect the confidentiality of information entrusted to them by ATP DEFENSE and/or belonging to ATP DEFENSE.

● Does not use this information for personal gain of himself or others. While performing their duties, ATP DEFENSE employees do not offer, accept or engage in bribery to any real/legal person or public institution.

● ATP DEFENSE respects all kinds of intellectual and industrial property rights (patent, utility model, industrial design, copyright, trademark, etc.) belonging to third parties within the scope of its activities.

● ATP DEFENSE in recruitment and working processes; provides equal rights to its employees without discrimination based on race, ethnic or national origin, gender or sexual identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability and any legally protected status.

● ATP DEFENSE employees act and spread the awareness of environmental protection for Turkey and the world. ATP DEFENSE supports its employees in volunteering in appropriate social activities that they will take part in with a sense of social responsibility.

● ATP DEFENSE employees; It creates a working environment that allows open communication, where everyone treats each other with kindness, sincerity, mutual tolerance and respect with every behavior.